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Development or not?

I am from a nation, which for the duration of my life has been termed as ‘developing’. I live in a nation, which has had development as its core aspiration, a keyword that excites its citizens and is a conversation starter among the champagne bourgeoise. A reservoir for international sympathy towards the plight of my brothers and sisters. The favourite child for international development programs and charity. A nation without its subjectivity. Yearning for the approval of its Neo-colonial masters. Our needs are defined by those who have never experienced life as citizens of this nation. Our people polarised and … Continue reading Development or not?

Manual Scavengers and Political Institutions

Manual Scavenging is a sin that is propagated as a right of one social group over another for millennia and still lingers as a deadweight upon the forward looking Indian society. This essay will look into the historical aspect of the manual scavenging profession, more specifically into the post-independence era. I wish to cover the formal steps taken by the government in alleviating the vulnerable people engaged in this activity through its various schemes, programmes and acts. However, there is a need for a critical perspective on the effectiveness of such initiatives, which this essay intends to accomplish. The reason … Continue reading Manual Scavengers and Political Institutions

Homes – Our Final Frontier (How We Are Losing It During The Lockdown)

Image Source: Homo sapiens as a species have entered a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. People’s perception of reality has been altered. Work is no longer something you travel to an institution to and toil for the good part of the day. In the corona world (A world living through this pandemic), work has invaded the homes of people and education too has followed. Capitalism, like always, has led the global acceptance of the social distancing practice and quarantine, by bringing commodities to our doorsteps. It is scarily close to a dystopian future where commodification happens without productivity … Continue reading Homes – Our Final Frontier (How We Are Losing It During The Lockdown)