What is Sociology?

Abel defines sociology as, ‘the science which studies resultants of activities the intention of which is the adjustment of individuals to each other’. Sociology, according to Abel, can be further defined as, ‘the theory of social positions, relationships and groups.’ However, Stuart A. Rice defends his position that it is impossible to derive at a single unified answer since sociology in its current form is an integrated field of many types of sociology. Rice believes it is both science and philosophy and additionally it is a social philosophy based at some level upon science. He characterizes three types of scientific … Continue reading What is Sociology?

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Samir Amin and Accumulation on a World Scale: Understanding Dependency and De-linking

Samir Amin, unlike A. G. Frank, is a renowned Marxist Dependency Theorist who takes up the characteristics of historical materialism to explain dependency theory. To understand the theory proposed by Samir Amin, we will have to first define certain assumptions … Continue reading Samir Amin and Accumulation on a World Scale: Understanding Dependency and De-linking

Culture and Imperialism

By Edward Said Edward Said is widely proclaimed as the pioneer of Post-colonial studies and more specifically in the field of literary criticism. His ideas have shaped a new field of interpretation of colonialism in a modern (and sometimes, postmodern) lens. He gained fame and critical acclaim for his debut book called ‘Orientalism’ which laid the foundation and basic framework on which later writers of postcolonial works have adopted. ‘Culture & Imperialism’ is one of his greatest work, through which he analyses the role of cultural hegemony and symbolic domination that the imperialist countries held over the colonies. He takes … Continue reading Culture and Imperialism